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  • 2021 Dog Key Day (5/6/2021) - Instead of Frostbite, Saturday, May 8th will be the New Key / Waiver day at Dog Mt. Tina will be in the LZ or on launch 10am-6pm with the 2021 keys and waivers available. $75 annual membership. Continue reading
  • Dogpatch gates open May 15 – Sept 15 2020 (5/20/2020) - From Memorial day weekend through Labor Day weekend, the gates to Dogpatch will be open, allowing pilots to park closer to the landing zone. Continue reading
  • Dogpatch will be open for landing beginning May 5th Tuesday (4/30/2020) - will be open for landing beginning May 5th Tuesday. Please do your best to observe social distancing especially while ride sharing up the hill. Open bed pick ups would be a great option for getting up the hill. We are a "high profile" group and WDFW will be keeping a eye on how the public is using the newly "opened" areas. Please let's be mindful and not give them reasons to shut us out again. Enjoy the sky! Sincerely, Tina and Larry Continue reading
  • 2020 Huck and Pack Party on January 19 (1/7/2020) - Continue reading
  • 2019 Reserve Chute Repack Clinic in Issaquah (10/29/2018) - Hi Pilots! If you haven't hucked and repacked your reserve recently, mark your calendar for our almost-annual chute deployment and repack party, on Sunday, February 24 —face those rambunctious spring thermals with confidence inspired by a freshly packed rescue chute. Thanks to hang pilot Cliff Schmitt, we've once again secured the February 24 date at the Eastside Fire & Rescue facility in Issaquah, at 175 Newport Way NW. It's a big facility, with plenty of parking. We'll be huckin' and packin' from 9-4, and we encourage pilots to come early… Continue reading

About the club

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The origins of the Cloudbase Country Club date back to 1970’s, when a group of pilots from the “North End Club” came together and gave the club its current name. There were other active clubs during that time, including the Pacific Northwest Hang Gliding Association (PNHGA), the Chandelle Northwest / Seattle Free Soaring Society, and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Over time the CBCC became stronger and is now the largest hang gliding club in this area, representing pilots primarily from the Pacific Northwest.

As land is being consumed and urban sprawl gives us fewer sites to fly, the CBCC’s primary purpose becomes apparent: to protect the flying sites that we have, and work towards securing more places to fly in our area. To that end, CBCC is a member club of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. As hang gliding has evolved and our society has become increasingly litigious, landowners have become more reluctant to let pilots launch and land on their soil. Being a member club of the USHPA provides insurance for those landowners and allows us to allay some of their fears of being sued should something unfortunate happen on their land. CBCC and USHPA provide site insurance for the two most popular places to fly in western Washington- Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, and Dog Mountain to the south near Morton.

As pilots, we all start out with two bags. One is a bag full of luck and the other is an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty your bag of luck. To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home. Fly yourself to the limits, but bring home your bag of experience and, please, share it.

– Anonymous