Become a member or renew your membership

Annual membership in CBCC is $25 or $100 if you fly and support Dog Mt. All memberships run from 4/1 to 3/31. Please use the form below to register for membership to the Cloudbase Country Club or to pay your annual membership dues through PayPal:

Full Name:
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Or you can mail a check to “Cloudbase Country Club”, along with a completed and signed waiver, your name, address, phone number, email, USHPA number and expiration date, to:

162 Shelton Rd
Randle WA 98337

Download the Dog Mountain Waiver The club’s “home site” is Dog Mountain, so as part of joining the club (or maintaining your membership), we ask that you download, print, and sign the Dog Mountain waiver annually before flying the site.

Dog Mountain gate keys are primarily distributed either at Frostbite or a “key day”. This is a time consuming process and we ask for your help in keeping our volunteers sane by taking advantage of the main distribution day. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to pick one up in person from one of the Dog site administrators. We do NOT mail keys.

Our club dues pay for annual USHPA site insurance at Dog and Saddle, incidental club operation costs, occasional club parties, and anything else the membership votes to support. Thanks for being a member!