Cross Country Information Exchange

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Over the years a number of experienced pilots have accumulated a wealth of cross country flying knowledge either on hang gliders, on paragliders, or both. We are going to give them a chance to educate us on the finer points of X/C flying. I will host an evening of exchanging cross-country flying knowledge and skills from seasoned, experienced pilots to up-and-coming X/C pilots. All of the meet's competing pilots can come and learn. It will be a non-mandatory, informal gathering and its free (for the competing pilots). Here are the specifics of the event:
Cross Country Information Exchange (X/C Info Exchange).
Chelan Airport Pilot's Lounge
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday, June 29th.
Pizza, water and soda provided by the Classic. Please BYOB.
I've already lined up three presenters:
Glider Performance, Lift-to-Drag Optimization – Paul Dees
X/C Flying Weather for Dummies – Owen Shoemaker
Quotable Information – accumulated quotes from great pilots – Lenny Baron
Here's my plan for the evening: Each presenter will have up to 10 minutes. I'll ask the audience to refrain from questions until after the presentations, then we'll allow a short Q&A period ~5 minutes. We ought to be able to get in four presentations, then take a 15-minute break, then do four more, and finally allow the audience to intermingle and get good one-on-one exchanges for the remainder of the evening. Paper copies of the presentations will be available.
The primary goal is to bring out the juicy information to the novice X/C pilots, but I'm pretty certain even the most seasoned X/C pilot will find a new morsel of valuable information…even an old dog like myself can still learn new tricks.
I'm looking for experienced pilots who are eager to contribute a presentation…please contact me via E-mail. 
Thank you,
Lenny Baron,
Meet Director, 2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US Open Distance National Championships.