How does a student go about learning to fly?

The USHPA certifies hang gliding instructors and schools. All students should learn from a certified instructor. There’s a list of all the certified schools in the US on the USHPA website,

Learning to fly a hang glider requires a commitment of both time and motivation. Since hang gliding is a weather-dependent sport, it may take a couple of months to a year or more for a student to progress through the five to ten lessons needed to master the skills required for a Beginner and Novice ratings.  With Novice skills, a student pilot will feel comfortable flying from moderate altitudes (several hundred to a few thousand feet above the ground) in mild conditions.

Progression to higher ratings (Intermediate and Advanced) with skills to fly in more challenging conditions typically continues under the supervision of more experienced pilots or Observers/Advanced Instructors. Since it’s never a good idea to fly alone, whatever your skill level, most Novice pilots buddy up with a group of advanced and advancing pilots who fly together whenever the weather cooperates.

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