Tiger Mountain

Current Weather is available at tiger.soaringpotato.com.

Tiger Mountain, situated about 15 miles E of Seattle, is managed by NWPC, and hosts the official site guide.

Hang-centric supplemental information:

Tiger is a popular flying site for both hang glides and paragliders. Hang gliders have been flying at Tiger since the late ’70s, back when launches were rough logging landings and set-up areas required a good eye for how much room your glider required to fit between the stumps and rocks. Over the past two decades extensive work has been done on both the north and south launch: trees have been cleared, grass planted, bathrooms installed, and the north launch has a strip of turf. Tiger is flyable with winds from the south, west and, preferably, the north. Because of the somewhat restricted LZ, Tiger Mt. is rated H-3, although beginner paraglider pilots fly there regularly. Even with an FAA-imposed ceiling of 6000′ MSL at the mountain, it’s not uncommon for pilots to get up and away, flying E to North Bend, S to Enumclaw, or N along the Snoqualmie River valley to Carnation and beyond. Tiger Mt. is owned by DNR, and there is a locked gate at the access road. On most flyable days a shuttle makes regular runs from the LZ to launch; use of the shuttle requires a portage of wing and gear across a 100-yard flat path but the many paraglider pilots who ride the shuttle will typically help with the carry.

Protocol: USHPA membership required. No COMMERCIAL tandem hang gliding permitted. Hang gliding and paragliding have been accepted by the DNR and King County as a valid and high-priority activity. Bring bags to gather litter. Do not cut trees. Park ONLY in designated parking areas. Be very courteous to hikers on road to launch.

Contacts: NorthWest Paragliding Club

Flying Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Access: Long, steep in places, rough 2WD. Speed limit signs are posted all along road – OBEY THEM OR YOU WILL GET TICKETED. Slow down when passing hikers.

Launch Elevation: 1800 MSL

Type: Shallow to moderate slope

Obstructions: Trees

Faces: S/SW and N/NW

Notes: Beware of turbulence and rotor if there is an easterly component to the wind.

Soarable: Yes, R/T

LZ Elevation: 180 – 200 MSL

Type: Grassy field

Obstructions: Power lines, tall trees, rotors, turbulence in SW or W winds.

Notes: LZ often very busy with paragliders; lots of student activity, so be alert!

Additional Notes: Solid H-3 site, especially for landing; 45-minute turnaround. Well-used close-to-Seattle site and can get crowded on the weekends. Also read the site guide from NWPC.

Tiger Mountain Site Records

FW Dave Little 80 Miles
PG Tom McCune 48.1 Miles

FW Flex wing hang glider
RW Rigid wing hang glider
PG Paraglider