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2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic – Final Message from the Meet Director

The 2017 All-Summer Classic is over and the results have now been compiled and finalized.

In total, 10 pilots entered the Classic. Only four pilots turned in their GPS track logs for scored flights. Per the rules, the only method allowed to verify and score flights is the submittal of each pilots’ GPS track log information.

Starting in the Single Surface category, two pilots entered, but neither turned in track logs. Therefore no winner could be determined.

In the King Post category, two pilots turned in their flights. In second place, with a total score of 551 points, is the new comer from Glenoma, Eric Ollikainen. In first place, with a total of 1353 points, is the veteran pilot, Everett’s finest, Tom Johns.

In the Topless category, two pilots turned in their flights. In second place, with a totally wimpy score of 378 points, is the washed-up pilot, from Lake Stevens, Lenny Baron. In first place, with a total of 1220 points, is the sky god pilot, from Alder, Jeff Beck.

The two winners will each receive very fine, eagle-emblazed- over-the- American-flag plaques.

Thanks to all of the pilots for their participation and Chelan Butte site donations. Thanks to the CBCC staff: Stas Zee, Thomas Haddock and Ron Barbera. Thanks to the meet staff: Tom Johns, Lori Lawson and Aaron Rinn.

Hope to see you all next year, flying and supporting the Chelan Butte flying site.

2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic – August Update Message from the Meet Director

The All-Summer Classic is nearing its finish! The weather this summer has made for some tough sledding in terms of X/C miles. First the high pressure in early July followed by the smoke from those pesky Canadian wild fires in early August. But perhaps there could still be an epic flight or two left this season.

For competing pilots please submit all of your worthy flights ASAP. You may have held onto a flight’s tracklog from a few weeks ago but now is the time to send it into Aaron, the score keeper, to get your deserved points. We will need all of your to-date track logs in order to compute all scores prior to the final weekend.

The final flying day of the meet is quickly approaching, Saturday, August 26. Even if you haven’t so far entered the meet, you can still enter, fly and perhaps bang out a winning flight. If we have a big enough turn out, we were planning on having a called-task day to give pilots the chance to compete head-to-head in the sky.

For timing, on August 26, please arrive at the Chelan Falls soccer field LZ at between 10:00 and 11:00. While there we can admire the brand new LZ informational kiosk and windsock placed there through Lori Lawson’s awesome efforts and your generous donations. At 11:00 we’ll coordinate rides up the hill. On top we can decide whether to do a called-task day and choose the task itself. At 6:00 we’ll begin the BBQ/Picnic at the LZ pavilion and compute the final scores. At 7:00 will be the awards ceremony.

Sunday, August 27 will be a non-contest day, so it might be really a good chance to enjoy a fun flight there.

Hope to see you at Chelan for flying and to support the spectacular Chelan Butte flying site.

For more information and to register, e-mail at or call (425) 275-2162

Lenny Baron, 2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic Meet Director

2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic – July Update

The All-Summer Classic is underway! We kicked it off on the last weekend of June, 10 pilots began racking up X/C miles. Nothing epic yet… Alert!!! Competing pilots you must send in your track logs to get scores! Even if you think it wasn’t a very good flight, please send it in anyway…you never know.

The upcoming weather for the Fourth of July weekend looks really good and I’ll be over in Chelan to fly and to register more pilots. It’s certainly not too late to register to get in on the hot action of the meet.

For pilots uncertain about getting a ride up the hill, we’ve begun the protocol of meeting at the Soccer Field LZ every morning at 11:00 am and coordinating/carpooling rides up the hill. If you bring along a driver and radios, it will be even better.

I forgot to include maps of the waypoints. They are also available in paper form from me directly.

Separately, pilots have been donating to the Chelan Site fund. Thank you all very much!

For more information and to register, E-mail at Lenny at or call: 425 275-2162

Lenny Baron, 2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic Meet Director

Chelan Classic Restricted Airspace and Areas

Chelan Classic 2017 XC maps

2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic June Update

It’s now mid June, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!

You know what?…$60 is still too much for meet registration… As your fiscally irresponsible Meet Director, I’ve decided to make the entry fee, $0.00. That’s right, if you want to fly and compete and it will cost you absolutely nothing. In truth, in order to avoid USHPA event insurance costs we couldn’t charge participants for the contest. So that’s what we are doing – no charge!

Separately (and with emphasis on it being separate), if you enjoy flying Chelan Butte and want to fly it this year and for many years to come, I passionately encourage you to make a donation to the CBCC Chelan Butte site fund. Look for a way to do this on the CBCC website via Paypal. Or simply send in a check to CBCC via snail mail at the Club’s post office box. Please mark on your check, “Chelan Butte Fund”. CBCC, PO Box 1825, Morton, WA  98356.

The All-Summer Classic Kick Off weekend is almost here! Here’s what’s happening:

Friday, June 23, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Chelan Falls Park Soccer Field LZ Pavillion
Pilot Registration and Waypoint GPS uploads. 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Meet orientation (optional attendance).
Saturday, June 24, Day 1 of the meet, 10:00 am to 11:00 am, Chelan Butte set up / launch area, Registration. 11:30 am Pilots’ meeting. 6:00 pm, Soccer Field LZ/Pavillion BBQ.

Sunday, June 25, Chelan Butte set up / launch area, 11:00 am pilot registration, 11:30 am Pilots’ meeting.

If you can’t make it to the kick off weekend and would still like to compete, you will still need to register, it is very easy. Please send an E-mail to Leny Baron with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Contact Phone number:
  • USHPA number:
  • Rating: (Hang 3 or Para 3 – intermediate or higher with TUR, RLF, XC, and FSL)
  • Glider Class: (see rule 4.o in the rule book available for download).

Lenny Baron, 2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic Meet Director – – 425 275-2162

Cross Country Information Exchange

Dark cloud
Over the years a number of experienced pilots have accumulated a wealth of cross country flying knowledge either on hang gliders, on paragliders, or both. We are going to give them a chance to educate us on the finer points of X/C flying. I will host an evening of exchanging cross-country flying knowledge and skills from seasoned, experienced pilots to up-and-coming X/C pilots. All of the meet's competing pilots can come and learn. It will be a non-mandatory, informal gathering and its free (for the competing pilots). Here are the specifics of the event:
Cross Country Information Exchange (X/C Info Exchange).
Chelan Airport Pilot's Lounge
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday, June 29th.
Pizza, water and soda provided by the Classic. Please BYOB.
I've already lined up three presenters:
Glider Performance, Lift-to-Drag Optimization – Paul Dees
X/C Flying Weather for Dummies – Owen Shoemaker
Quotable Information – accumulated quotes from great pilots – Lenny Baron
Here's my plan for the evening: Each presenter will have up to 10 minutes. I'll ask the audience to refrain from questions until after the presentations, then we'll allow a short Q&A period ~5 minutes. We ought to be able to get in four presentations, then take a 15-minute break, then do four more, and finally allow the audience to intermingle and get good one-on-one exchanges for the remainder of the evening. Paper copies of the presentations will be available.
The primary goal is to bring out the juicy information to the novice X/C pilots, but I'm pretty certain even the most seasoned X/C pilot will find a new morsel of valuable information…even an old dog like myself can still learn new tricks.
I'm looking for experienced pilots who are eager to contribute a presentation…please contact me via E-mail. 
Thank you,
Lenny Baron,
Meet Director, 2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US Open Distance National Championships. 

2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US Open Distance Championships – June Update Message from the Meet Director

JB at chelan

It’s now early June, the flying season is here and the Chelan dust devils are taunting us to come out and play! Due to the dryer than normal winter and hotter than normal spring, I predict the X/C conditions for the meet, June 28 to July 3 are going to be epic.


We’ve received so far 12 preregistered pilots which include 5 paraglider pilots from Nepal – maybe after they launch at the Butte they will choose to fly west into the mountains rather than east onto the flats. Preregistration will save you $10 ($110 now vs. $120 later) and it runs through June 15th…Ah heck, let’s keep it open a bit longer – OK, June 21 is the new cutoff for preregistered pilots.


Information sources for the 2015 Classic/US Open Distance Championships are popping up all over on the interwebs. You can always find stuff on the CBCC website. We now also have a dedicated Chelan X/C website, “”, courtesy of Jim Steel. We are planning on using the new site for daily scores postings. Davis Straub has posted meet info on the OZ Report. We currently have two active Facebook locations, search for one at: “2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic & Open Distance Championships”, also check out “Chelan XC Classic Pilots and Drivers” if you would like to find ride and retrieval coordination information. How about Twitter???


Here are some additional planned side events for this year’s meets: 1) Cross Country Skills Workshop – the weekend before the meet, Sat./Sun. June 20, 21 and Sat., June 27. Paul Dees and Owen Shoemaker are facilitating this informal orientation and flying. This is a great opportunity to learn your new or dust off your old X/C skills – come be a student or a mentor. Meet at the Chelan Falls Soccer Field at 9:00 am – and the price…Free! It should be a lot of fun. 2) Sat. June 27, 5:00 pm registration at the Chelan Falls pavilion (LZ) then 7:00 orientation and tips for the meet provided by the Meet Director (me). 3) Battle Above the Butte – The Rematch – informal grudge match between the paragliders and hang gliders with beer money and bragging rights on the line! 4) An X/C Information Exchange evening, beginning at 6:00 pm, Monday June 29th at the Chelan Airport pilot lounge.  Experienced, wise pilots can volunteer and prepare a 10-minute talk about tips and tricks of X/C flying. They’ll also bring along paper summaries for handouts. Pizzas provided but please BYOB 5) USHPA film festival is planned for Wednesday, July 1 time and location TBD 6) We’ll have daily raffle prizes which can be measured in tonnage this year. 7) The always popular BBQ and the awards ceremony on the last day of the meet, Friday July 3.


Chelan accommodations should be much easier this year since we are running the meet before the busy 4th of July weekend. Here are some options:

  1. The High School football stadium is good for tent camping and RVs – outhouse available, but no water or showers (use the lake or the showers at Chelan Falls)
  2. Camping at the Beebe Bridge Park (first come first served) or Chelan City Park (check for reservations).
  3. Motels and hotels in town – contact the Chelan Chamber of Commerce


Hey everybody make your plan and come fly Chelan!


For more information E-mail at:


Lenny Baron, 2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US Nationals Open Distance Championships Meet Director

2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US National Open Distance Championships


March message from Lenny Baron – Meet Director

cloudbase 2013

Hey everyone! It’s almost April, your hoops bracket is busted and your tax returns are done – right? It’s time get back in the air and begin to make plans for the 34th Annual Chelan Cross Country Classic and US National Open Distance Championships, June 28th to July 3rd.


First, a little background last fall I went to the CBCC annual meeting. There, we talked about ways to increase attendance for the upcoming 2015 Classic – our 2014 numbers were down. We decided to either make the meet better suited for fledgling X/C pilots by holding seminars and mentorship opportunities or we could make the meet better suited for the seasoned X/C veteran who wants to compete against the best pilots around. I’m elated to report that for this year we have decided to do BOTH!!!!


So here’s the lineup. Very awesome hang glider pilot, Paul Dees and equally awesome Paraglider pilot, Matty Senior have volunteered to organize events before the Classic (warm up weekend) and during the Classic (evenings and breakfast seminars) to get the juicy X/C information to all of the pilots who seek to improve their game – more details forthcoming. Meanwhile, totally awesome, Lori Lawson (meet organizer), and self-declared awesome, Lenny Baron (meet director) have been successful at getting this year’s meet to be not only USHPA sanctioned but also, because it was the only open distance meet in the US this year, we declared it to be the US Open Distance Championships. Points awarded at the meet will go towards national ranking points. So if that doesn’t draw in the top dogs in both paragliding and hang gliding, I don’t know what will. Lori has also been working to secure seminar venues and low cost camping/RV sites in town. She is also working to set up an organized way to coordinate rides up the hill and retrievals. In-town motels and Beebe Bridge camping ought to be easier this year, since we are the week before the 4th of July and not the week of the 4th.


Rules are more or less the same as last year but we’ve added the scoring required for the sanctioned Championships. Awesome score keeper, Aaron Rinn is coding up the scoring Al Gore Rhythms right now! We’ve had to eliminate some really bogus triangles (better described as slivers). Pilots will still chose their own tasks to get the most out of each day. Multiple glider classes available for both paras and hangs. The last day of the meet and the Friday night BBQ are on the 3rd of July. We’ll tally the scores and award trophies on that evening…then commence to party.


The preregistration window is OPEN!!!! Sorry, we had to jack up the entry fee a bit this year to cover the added sanctioning expenses/insurance. $110 until June 15, $120 regular registration thereafter. That includes: T-shirt, BBQ ticket, seminars, daily outhouse use, accurate scoring of your flights, camaraderie, and much, much more. Pilot early registration is available on the CBCC Website under Calendar of Events. More updates coming soon on the CBCC website, Facebook, Wall Street Journal (kidding), USHPA website and magazine.


I’m seeking volunteers:

launch directors, web site developer, scoring helper, safety focal, site preparation, BBQ organizers, Paragliding coordinator, registration, T-shirt design, etc.

 – let me know if you’re willing to join in on the fun. E-mail at:


. Or phone or text at (425) 275-2162