2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic – July Update

The All-Summer Classic is underway! We kicked it off on the last weekend of June, 10 pilots began racking up X/C miles. Nothing epic yet… Alert!!! Competing pilots you must send in your track logs to get scores! Even if you think it wasn’t a very good flight, please send it in anyway…you never know.

The upcoming weather for the Fourth of July weekend looks really good and I’ll be over in Chelan to fly and to register more pilots. It’s certainly not too late to register to get in on the hot action of the meet.

For pilots uncertain about getting a ride up the hill, we’ve begun the protocol of meeting at the Soccer Field LZ every morning at 11:00 am and coordinating/carpooling rides up the hill. If you bring along a driver and radios, it will be even better.

I forgot to include maps of the waypoints. They are also available in paper form from me directly.

Separately, pilots have been donating to the Chelan Site fund. Thank you all very much!

For more information and to register, E-mail at Lenny at or call: 425 275-2162

Lenny Baron, 2017 Chelan Cross Country All-Summer Classic Meet Director

Chelan Classic Restricted Airspace and Areas

Chelan Classic 2017 XC maps