Glenoma Training Hill

Before use, contact Paige at 360-904-4889 or Eric Ollikainen at 360-852-2582 for site orientation and any use updates

This is a USHPA insured site, USHPA membership required for all pilots

H0-H2 Pilot use only under supervision of a USHPA Instructor

H3+ Pilots welcome after consultation with Paige or Eric

Instruction only by USHPA rated instructors; ALL USHPA instruction rules must be complied with

Usable only with no wind or light (up to 10mph) East Winds – generally best in AM.

Park your rigs away from the training hill / LZ away from any potential flight path

Instruct any spectators to stay well clear of potential flight paths

Always be friendly and courteous (polite, respectful and considerate, for those who need a definition) to your fellow pilots, your hosts and surrounding property owners.

  • Wind Speed and Direction E; 0-10mph
  • Maximum Gust Differential 5mph
  • Minimum Glide Ratio from Launch N/A

Only launch within your rating and skill levels – when in doubt, don’t set up or launch.

All incidents should be documented via the current USHPA incident reporting protocols with a courtesy copy to the site contact. Any incident involving non-pilot property damage, injuries or assistance from non-pilots(EMS, police, public bystanders etc) must also be reported as soon as practical to the site contact.

In an emergency, Call 9-1-1 first.