Glenoma Training Hill

Before use, contact Paige at 360-904-4889 or Eric Ollikainen at 360-852-2582 for site orientation and any use updates

This is a USHPA insured site, USHPA membership required for all pilots

H0-H2 Pilot use only under supervision of a USHPA Instructor

H3+ Pilots welcome after consultation with Paige or Eric

Instruction only by USHPA rated instructors; ALL USHPA instruction rules must be complied with

Usable only with no wind or light (up to 10mph) East Winds – generally best in AM.

Park your rigs away from the training hill / LZ away from any potential flight path

Instruct any spectators to stay well clear of potential flight paths

Always be friendly and courteous (polite, respectful and considerate, for those who need a definition) to your fellow pilots, your hosts and surrounding property owners.

  • Wind Speed and Direction E; 0-10mph
  • Maximum Gust Differential 5mph
  • Minimum Glide Ratio from Launch N/A

Only launch within your rating and skill levels; When in doubt, don’t set up or launch.

If you’re in the air and the sky starts to look threatening, get out of the air immediately. Also be aware of nearby terrain and potential for rotor. (Yes this is common sense H1/P1 stuff and we feel silly for needing to say it, but rest assured it’s here for a reason!).

All incidents should be documented via the current USHPA incident reporting protocols with a courtesy copy to the site contact. Any incident involving non-pilot property damage, injuries or assistance from non-pilots(EMS, police, public bystanders etc) must also be reported as soon as practical to the site contact.

In an emergency, Call 9-1-1 first.